Yoga for Eosinophilia

Yoga for Eosinophilia

What is Eosinophilia?

Eosinophilia is a chronic disorder coming from an excessive output of a specific kind of white blood cells. If diagnosed in time and treated in a correct way this disorder is curable in most cases and influenced individuals can lead a normal life. Eosinophilia refers to a health status producing due to the presence of excessive eosinophils in blood or body tissues. Eosinophils are made in the bone marrow existing commonly in the bloodstream and gut coating, which assists the body battle infection from parasitic organisms. On a mean round 5% to 7% of white blood cells constitute eosinophils but if you have a higher count, then it means that you either have borderline eosinophilia or actual progressing eosinophilia that can cause important health hazards.

Causes of eosinophilia

The main origin of eosinophilia is allergy due to which, as a reaction, the count of eosinophils rises in blood. This allergy happens due to entry of some antigens and medicinal drugs inside the body. In equatorial areas this infection is discovered to happen as an allergic reaction to germs of filaria or other germs causing stomach diseases. This disease is widespread in developed areas and prevalent air pollution is its major cause. In eosinophilia symptoms of common cold and cough show up at normal gaps or stay on relentlessly.

Yoga therapy of eosinophilia

Yoga treatment can provide you a long-term and lasting cure for eoasinophilia. This treatment must be begun under guidance and recommendations of knowledgeable and skilled yoga practitioners.

Asan – At first begin with a Pavan muktasan group of Asans. Feeble and older people should constraint to this assembly of Asans and makarasan only. Other persons can choose from the following asans for themselves: group of shaktibandh asans, Surya Namaskar, Vajrasan, Shashankasan, Shashank-bhujangasan, Ushtrasan, Bhujangasan, Marjariasan, Pad-hastasan, Supt-vajrasan, Dhanurasan, Charkrasan, Kandharasan, Paschimottanasan, Padmasan, Ardh-matsyendrasan, Sarvangasan, Matsyasan Halasan and Simhasan. They are all very effective. Furthermore the asans that are done standing up and angling down like Trikonasan, Hasta-utthanasan, Lolasan, Dvi konasan etc. All these asans reinforce the chest. The methods to perform these asans have been provided previous in this sequence and so are not being repeated here.

Pranayam - Though all types of Pranayams are beneficial for the muscles of the respiratory system, but expressly a normal practice of Ujjayi, Kapalbhati, Bhastrika and Nadi-shodhan can not only cure this disease but furthermore completely rejuvenate the body.

Mudra-bandh – perform of Yog-mudra, Pranmudra and Mahabandh are beneficial.

Shithilikaran – Yog-nidra not only provides deep relaxation but furthermore helps in the development of human consciousness. A continuous perform of Yog-nidra for a long time assists a person to successfully refine his brain. Since coughing becomes a custom and a part of the character due to bronchitis, in the beginning coughing intensifies but gradually it decreases.

Dhyan – perform Ajapa-jap along with Khechari mudra and Ujjayi Pranayam. In this practice vigilance of the brain is moved between the navel and the throat in a cyclical kind. This is a highly effective perform for all diseases associated with the respiratory system because it helps open up the flow of Pran in the impeded channels of the respiratory path. It assists in gradually identifying chronic hacking and then getting relieve of it. Also it assists in strengthening muscles utilized for respiring.

Upvas – Fasting assists in dissolving and curing lingering infections. If complete fasting is not likely then at smallest the evening dinner should be absolutely halted. Through fasting excess the fluid fats deposited in the adipocytes of the body disintegrate and the body begins to seem light.

Food intake – In the early stages taking only juice extracts of fruits or vegetables are the most beneficial. Later, soup of barley or rice porridge (khichdi) with broths of vegetables can be taken. Avoid consuming any chilled beverages or nourishment. Lightly simmered or raw vegetables can be consumed in ample quantities. Consuming warm milk blended with little allowance of ginger juice extract or turmeric helps in conveniently throwing out the phlegm. Turmeric acts like an anti-biotic. This drink can be taken before going to bed or as an alternate for food.

Eosinophilia is a respiratory disorder with symptoms in common with both asthma and bronchitis and it is often tough to decide which diagnostic label to assign to one-by-one sufferers. The disorder is generally understood as a transition stage in respiratory diseases, when the sufferer from chronic cold or bronchitis is step-by-step developing into a full blown state of asthma. Eosinophilia is identified when the percentage of eosinophils in the blood of the patient becomes increased. Eosinophils are the white blood cells which mediate allergic and hypersensitivity reactions, and an elevated level proposes that the asthma like symptoms of the disease are an immune reaction by the lungs.




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