Ayurveda for Back Pain

Ayurveda for Back Pain

Back pain is experienced by all of us at some point in life. In the Ayurvedic remedy for back pain, this difficulty begins with reduced agni or poor digestive fire. Due to poor digestion of food, contradictory toxins called ama evolves in areas of the body. This imbalance of the body manifests itself as some form of pain in the body, especially at the joints. A joint pain is the outcome of disturbance in one of the body wit called vata. Apart from bio-chemical causes of back pain, there are physiological difficulties too. For all these difficulties, Ayurvedic treatment is very effective. It brings back the balanced state of the body by internal remedies and external methods too. Asthavargam is a preparation widely utilized for taking internally by patients with back pain. Ayurvedic therapy for backache furthermore engages the Panchkarma such as massage with medicated herbs, medicated enema; and furthermore medicinal herbs to be taken internally such as Triphala Guggulu, Lakshadi Guggulu, Maanaraya tailam and Yogaraja guggul. The difficulties initiated by physiological causes are corrected by Yogasanas. You need to get in feel with a good Ayurvedic practitioner to resolve these problems. Other than that there are certain treatments for back pain as suggested in Ayurveda for digestive system difficulties or physiological ones.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain

The ayurvedic treatments are much personalized and it varies according to the main cause. The causes are very resolute by taking history, physical analysis, lab checks, radiographic evaluation, CT, MRI, Bone scanning, electro-diagnostic evaluations. Ayurveda boasts a broad range of treatment methods for low back agony including internal medications and external treatments.

Internal medicines

  • Various medicines in the form of
  • Decoctions such as Sahacharadi, Rasna Sapthakam
  • Herbal wines such as Balarishtam, Dhanwanthararishtam
  • Pills such as Chandraprabha, Yogaraja guggulu
  • Herbal powders like Shaddharanam
  • Medicated ghees like Guggulu thikthakam, Vidaryadi
  • Oils such as Dhanwantharam, Ksheera bala
  • Herbal jams such as Dasamoola harithaki, Chyavana prasam

Virechanam - Purgatives like Nimbmrithadi erendam, Gandharva hasthadi erendam in correct dose presents excellent relief. Vasthi - Enema treatments (1) Sneha vasthi: Medicated oil is administered as enema. (2) Kashaya vasthi: A exceptional blend of herbal decoctions, medicated oil, herbal paste, honey, rock salt is administered as enema.

The major aim of Ayurveda remedy in Back pain is to pacify the Vata dosha and bring it to equilibrium. There are numerous effective supplements to decrease back pain. Vatari Choorna : This herbal powder is to be taken after food. This is productive in all Vata vitiated conditions particularly in Back pain. The built up toxins will be flushed away. Tryodashang Guggul: This tablet helps decreasing the vata dosha their by helping in joint pains and back pain. Shilajith Capsules : Shilajith capsules help in energy grades and furthermore by circulating blood properly in the effected organs. Shilajith pacifies vata and subsides the pain. Chnadraprabha Vati : This tablet assists in decreasing the degeneration process and inflammation of the spinal bones. Mahanrayana Taila : Applying of this special medicated oil is highly beneficial in reducing the inflammation and reduces pain. PeedantakVati : Peedantak vati is a natural pain reliever and assists to decrease inflammation. PeedantakTaila : Special herbal oil in decreasing pain and enlarging. Patanjali Peedantak Cream: For those who do not like using oil can use this elite as a localized pain reliever.

Lifestyle Tips For Managing Back Pain

Avoid exposure to freezing climate. Bathing is a good exercise. Avoid lifting heavy things and high-heeled footwear. Avoid a sagging bed. If you are a computer expert or an office going person, be careful not to sit in a stretch and damage yourself for a long time. Reduce the consumption of vata-increasing food. Pursue a every day routine as considers to time of meals, number of meals, time to and from bed, workout, resting. For leisure time select calming undertakings such as calm strolls in environment or reserves. Reside in a moderately hot and moist weather where you can get new air and sunshine. Undergoing periodical moderately hot oil massage or spinal bath. Eat moderately hot prepared food meals that are a little oil, not dry. Minimize sexual undertaking when you have back pain. Make it a habit of doing yoga regularly. A kind of backache problems have been effectively treated or organised by the practitioners utilizing Ayurvedic (Panchakarma) treatments & herbs. Chronic backache desires individualized remedy depending on the attribute presentation of their symptoms and need unquestionable prescribing. Ayurvedic treatments are individual and are tailored according to your body constitution giving you long lasting relief.





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